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Mt Yale

It was nice, somehow, that Yale proved to be my first 14er, being a Yale Professor. I think it is a mountain everyone at Yale should put on their curriculum. You have to at least try this. It is a great day out. And the mountain is, to me, beautiful. I left Boulder with my friend about 1 PM on July 19. We had a quick bite to eat in Frisco and arrived in Buena Vista, the nearest town, about 4 or so. Feeling good, we decided to get to our camp site at the Collegiate Peaks Campground very near the Denny Creek trail head since we did not have a reservation. Being in the middle of the week we felt ok about that, and there were indeed a couple of open sites for the night. So we set up the tents and decided to go for an acclimitization hike. I was especially anxious to see what I would feel like at 11K or so. So we drove over to the trail head, about 4:30, and decided to take the trail up. It splits about a mile along and we went left out to Hartenstein Lake, at about 11K. It was about a 2 hour walk up and back, but the views of Yale and Princeton are great, and it was a good leg stretcher for the following day. I felt great, and the peak looked like a snap đŸ˜‰

I point here to Yale, and to the right, Mt Princeton, officially one foot higher, but I figure the surveyor was a P’ton grad and fudged a bit. The lime green Patagonia R1 , which makes me look a bit chunky,ain’t fashionable. But it is a great layer though, and it was getting a little chilly at 5 PM at 11K


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