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Mountains, memories and motivations

It’s Summertime, and the living is eas(ier). Time to update many things. I had a big climb last month in Alaska. More on that very soon. Meanwhile my good friend Alan Arnette left yesterday for Pakistan; he should be just about in Islamabad as I write this note, getting ready to head up to the Karakoram range, and K2. This is a big deal, and I hope you all will follow him on his blog , on his Facebook page, and you can track him on the mountain via SPOT. K2 is the second highest mountain the the world, but significantly harder than Everest. It is very steep from the beginning and never lets up. He’ll be climbing the Abruzzi Ridge (by the way named after the guy who named Mt Bona where I was in Alaska) Route, the standard, and here is *some* idea, the Abruzzi is Route “F”:

Exhaustion is a major risk, and it has objective dangers out the wazoo, bad weather, and boulders flying at you at terminal velocity. It’s the mountaineers mountain, a huge challenge and as I said dangerous. 25% fatality rate of those who summit. So it is usually left to full-time professionals to climb. All of that is by way of admiration for what Alan has set out to do. He is well experienced, and as well trained as you can be. He’s a pro, and he is determined. Why climb? Well, the challenge is really there if you love big mountains. But Alan has another motivation0-the continued importance of his fund raising efforts for Alzheimer’s research. That’s a personal motivation for him, as you can read. But this is a nasty disease that will effect all of us one way of another. So please join me in supporting Alan. Follow his progress, think good thoughts, and above all, please make a donation. I’m asking all my friends to chip in $5 here. These are great charities doing fantastic work for the cause. And as Alan always says, Climb on!Alan Arnette


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