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Destination Mt Whitney

Just finished packing up the duffels, leaving tomorrow for the Inyo National Forest via Las Vegas and Lone Pine CA to climb My Whitney in Late Winter. It offers up special challenges, including fairly heavy snow on the approach, so that means snowshoes and heavy packs going in.  We are climbing the Mountaineer’s route. If you look at Whitney in the far right of this photo, we climb up the couloir which is quite visible, and steep! And them a scramble up to the top. I’ve been training, but I never do feel it is enough-the mountain will certainly finish the job of good training, no doubt. One of the more interesting features of this climb is that, driving through Vegas and Death Valley, I will go from the lowest point of the continental US to the highest in just a couple of days. Full report when I get down on Sunday. There should be a blog post or two on the IMG blog, and if I can update you all via twitter, I will. One of the treats on this climb are there are just 5 of us plus two guides, one of whom is the legendary climber George Dunn, an owner of IMG. A serious privilege to climb with someone of that caliber and experience for sure.



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