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Awful news coming from Annapurna today

Really hoping for good news from the currently missing Korean team on Annapurna. It is reported on Exweb that last word from Gang Gi-Seok, a formidable mountaineer with all 14 8000 ers under his belt, among other accomplishments, was Tuesday. Conditions seemed atrocious this week.



Alan Arnette summits Carstenz

Good news from Alan. His latest blog entry is a phone in from the summit of Cartsenz Pyramid, first ascended by Heinrich Harrer in 1962; next stop (after 33 repel sections on Carstenz) is Mt Kosciusko to bag the final (8th) of the 7 summits, just to satisfy the dispute between Bass and Messner. Way to go Alan! Waiting for that tyrolean traverse footage!

Le Tour 2012

ASO announced the 2012 route earlier in the week. It appears that there is a lot of climbing in it, but I’ll have a closer look later in the day.

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