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4 days and

As I write this, happily with power on, there is a driving rain shower outside. It has been a wet one in Connecticut this Summer. All the more reason to be pumped up about heading to Tanzania on Sunday, where I begin my journey up Kilimajaro. I am really looking forward to being there, and to meeting Alan Arnette, finally. I had hope to be doing long rides this week, but the rain is certainly preventing that. Perhaps some work on the trainer. For now, I have been packing my duffles-things fit nicely into two duffles; I’ve done my gear check list. Alan, as usual, has posted a great Kili gear check list.

The itinerary is as follows. I am climbing with IMG.

DAY 1 : Depart from JFK in the evening. Certainly will have my thoughts on 9/11 victims.

Day 2 : Arrive about 7:30 PM local time. Overnight in Moshi

Day 3: Pretty much a free day to chill out, shop, sit by the pool and de-jetlag

Day 4: Pack up, ride to Machame gate. Start the Machame route, about 27 miles. HIke up to 10K.

Day 5: Up up thru the “zone of weird plants” to the Shira plateau, about 12K.

Day 6: Up to 14, 5oo, then sleep at 13K, at Barancco.

Day 7: Barancco wall, some steep scrambling, overnight in Karanga Valley, about 13K.

Day 8: Up to high camp, Barafu, 15K.

Day 9: Summit day! A long, cold one up to Uhuru Peak 19, 340. Descend via Mweka.

Alan will have his SPOT tracking on, and since I plan to be following in his coat tails, so you can follow me along the way up.

I am doing this to support Alan’s “Memories are Everything campaign for Alzheimer’s research. Consider making a donation to it!

Thanks for reading.


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