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Mt. Yale. Part III

We kept walking, across Denny Creek over a log bridge, we were soon in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. Stunning country. A couple of more hops over the Creek and we were gaining altitude. I still felt great. There are times when the path is quite steep and rugged. We were passed by two 14er initiative people (awesome organization, and they really keep the trail in perfect shape) bringing up some hay. The had a pretty quick gate. We kept on at our pace, and encountered two small groups of young people coming down, They had not summitted, they said because of the weather. Mmmm, I thought, the peak looked pretty good to me. We kept on, and we were eventually above tree line. Wow, the views were getting good, and I could feel the effort. Climbing at this altitude, we were just above 11K now, felt like climbing a 10% grade on my bike. I was not taking my pulse, but I felt at or near anaerobic threshold. No problem. We rested when we needed to, the weather was great, and we soon ran into a marmot, who seemed to be saying to us “welcome to Mt Yale. Need any help? (Got any food?)” He followed us up the trail for a while, and we could now see people above us, high above us, on the shoulder, and the summit ridge. Wow. Another hour or so to go probably, around 10:30 now. We were starting to encounter one or two people who had summitted. It looked great up there, so the weather was no worry. Here is our curious marmot friend, keeping his distance, as we were.


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