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Mt Yale. Part II

We got back to our camp and were ready for dinner, and Noel and I (mainly Noel) cooked up a storm, Pasta with meat sauce. Fantastic. And Noel surprised me with bringing along a couple of beers(No, they were not in my pack, a la The Eiger Sanction). We hung out after dinner, and talked to several nice folks as they were walking around camp. Mountains brings out really nice people, generally, and we enjoyed the beautiful evening. We hit the hay at about 9 for an early start, and I hit my first problem. I could not fall asleep. Not sure it was altitude, or just a strange bed. I think the latter. Anyway, I stared at my tent ceiling the whole night. Ugggh. I was eager to get up, and did so around 6, for breakfast. Oatmeal, powerbars and fruit, and good coffee. Just what I needed. We broke camp and headed for the trail, hitting it at 7:15 or so. Perhaps  a little later than ideal. But we were alone on the trail. It was a great hike, a lovely trail, rocky, and a bit steep in parts, but it does get your heart going. We signed the log book and we were off. It felt real..we were climbing Mt Yale. I did not really have any pre-conceived expectations, my thoughts were totally of the unknown. Being an academic, I had read everything I could about the 14ers. Alan Arnette’s site is just a fantastic resource, and had good, recent reports, and of course Gerry Roach’s Colorado Fourteeners, 3d ed is helpful, and full of soul. I felt as prepared as I could be, with a partner who had climbed a lot of 14ers. Still, I thought, when would the altitude and the steepness hit me? What about the weather at the summit? I would find out soon enough.


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