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Busy weekend, crashes, shaved legs and hoped-for summits

Well it has certainly been an eventful weekend. The Tour de France has had one of the more miserable weekends in my memory. Too many silly crashes leaving bodies strewn all over the road. It was the height of silliness to see Alberto Contador get knocked off his line and into the crowd by Vladimir Karpets. AC looked to have been  in a bad position, and had no teammates protecting him. Very very odd scene for a three-time winner and certainly a top pick this year. Can’t remember when a rider of that stature looked like that. I think the Tour is over for him–famous last words by me perhaps, but it ain’t looking good. Meanwhile, a driver in the Antenne 2/3 car, going way too fast on a narrow road, swerved to avoid a tree at the edge of the tarmac and drove into J A Flecha, taking out his front wheel, resulting in a heavy crash into the road, and forcing Johnny  Hoogerland, who had been going very well at the Tour so far, into a ditch and fence post and barbed wire. Are you kidding me? I’ve never seen such a bone head move at the tour. I don’t even think I’ve seen that kind of driving in Connecticut, and trust me if you don’t live here, the state has in my experience some of the worst driving I’ve ever seen. Hope the Antenne 2/3 driver gets banned for life-he deserves as much. Just a crazy weekend at the tour. By the way, the photo below is one of the best illustrations of why it is competitive cyclists shave their legs.

Meanwhile, Alan Arnette is getting poised to summit Denali (no crazy drivers there, at least as far as I know) tomorrow. Fingers crossed for him; if all goes well it’s 4/7 (or 8 really) of the 7 Summits to support Alzheimer’s research. Climb on Alan!


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