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back in action

Sometimes the academic life takes one to strange and unusual places, especially during the Summer. One such place for me is Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I was working away in the famous Room 807 of Hatcher Graduate Library (The Papyrology reading room) with a colleague, finishing an editing project. Sounds out of the way I know, but it is a great reading room, with all the books we needed to check things in our manuscript quickly, and a really friendly, helpful group of people. It was a very productive and enjoyable 8 days or so. And I always love the drive from my hometown of Chicago to Ann Arbor, through the south side, past my old stomping grounds of Hyde Park and past all of the steel mills in Gary. Not everyone’s cup of tea, and far from the beauty of high peaks, but these places have their own charm. Ann Arbor is a very enjoyable college town, filled with nice organic food restaurants, and hey, a plethora of mountaineering shops! Who knew? Why here I have no idea. But in addition to an actual Moosejaw store, there are several other really fantastic mountaineering shops, including Bivouac right across from campus, which is enormous and has everything you need to outfit your next climb up an 8.0000er.






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