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Long time no post

Well, I’m back after a long absence. I’ll get the hang of the day-t0-day blogging at some point :-). I am back blogging mainly inspired by Alan Arnette and his Seven Summits quest to raise awareness, and 1 million dollars to support Alzheimer’s research. It has been a fantastic half year so far following his exploits, which are well covered by him over on his site. He’s just back from successfully climbing Everest, where he faced some very difficult challenges, at the moment out in CA for his daughter’s wedding today, and soon off to Denali. So far, he’s done Vinson Massif, Aconcagua and Everest. Inspirational stuff on many levels to say the least. I am so inspired that I am going along with Alan and IMG to Kilimanjaro in September, to learn, to watch, and to do what I can to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s research.

A lot else has happened, and I may also discuss other items related to my interests (mountaineering, cycling, outside) as well as Egypt, which has managed to have a revolution of sorts recently (and my hoped for survey project in Middle Egypt-now on hold) and, occasionally anyway, some interesting goings on in the world of Ancient History. What can I say, I have a Leave in the Fall, so time to write, to reflect, to read, to think, and to challenge myself on a few mountains.

More anon.


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