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Lemond v. Armstrong

Reed Albergotti in today’s (June 10) Wall Street Journal reports on the ongoing feud between the two. It’s been so long I am almost forgetting what it’s all about. …Oh yeah…doping, and Greg Lemond’s bike business which he says was hurt by Trek. Mediation between Lemond and Trek begin next week. The background to the Lemond/Trek dispute is provided in an online article from April 8 2008 at Velonews.

I think I prefer to watch these guys ride.

Photo © AP

Photo © AP

Meanwhile, Le Parisien reported last month some harsh words by Bernard Hinault against Lance. Shane Stokes in writes:

‘The two have met many times on the victory podiums at the Tour de France, but if Lance Armstrong takes a stage or the yellow jersey this year, many will be watching for sparks between him and Bernhard Hinault. The latter was characteristically outspoken when giving an interview to Le Parisien last week, not pulling any punches when it came to the Texan.

“I hope he will not be there,” he said, referring to this year’s Tour. “Is he afraid of France? Nobody forces him to come, he only has to stay at home! He cannot win the Tour. I hope that Contador gives him a beating.”

Armstrong was unimpressed and let fire on his Twitter feed. “What a wanker. Five TdF wins doesn’t buy you any common sense,” he stated, referring to the comments and further fanning the flames.’

Ouch! Hinault is tweaking, Lance is tweeting. What a world.


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