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Himalaya wrap up…so far

Alan Arnette is reporting at least 338 successful summits on Everest this season so far. I am not sure about the last couple of years but I think the previous record is in 2007 with something around 470 according to Alan Arnette, so a great and relatively safe season, and there were lots of great individual stories. There are still climbers going for a late weather window, climbing on their own, on the north side. Follow them over on Exweb. No doubt there’ll be some books and a film or two from this year, including the third edition of Discovery channel Everest:Beyond the limits.  There is the sad news coming from the Kazakh Lhotse-Everest traverse team that one of their climbers, 52 year old Sergey Samoilov died. Very sad news, prayers go out to his family and friends, and I hope that perhaps next season the traverse can be successfully completed by them.

Exweb reports the seemingly harrowing descent of the team through the icefall:

Max told Andrey Verkhovod over the phone today that after the recent snow falls, the route in the icefall became completely different. The climbers had to feel their way down in the fog; trying to uncover old ropes buried in the fresh snow. “It was a gruelling descent – visibility was 30 meters at best,” Max said.

Final reflections by the Firstascent team is here (“a very steep large cake…….”):


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