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The Himalayan season

This season in the Himalaya seems to be remarkable in so many ways. ExWeb is reporting today that Korean mountaineer Park Yeoung-Seouk has successfully completed a difficult and technical new route up the SW face of Everest. On Kangchenjunga, Spanish climber Edurne Pasaban whom I mentioned in a prior post has successfully summited but had to be airlifted out of basecamp suffering from severe frostbite. Wishing her very speedy recovery. A Kazakh climber, Denis Urubko, has completed the 14 8000 ers; English adventurer Ranulph Fiennes, the man who once ran 7 marathons in 7 days on all 7 continents (are you kidding me?)  made the Everest summit successfully at 65, Apa Sherpa has now climbed Everest 19 times (!) and lots more stories. I am out of breath just thinking of the activity. There’ve been some tragedies too, all well chronicled over at ExWeb. Dave Hahn of the FirstAscent team has a lovely post on his lonely climb through the Khumbu Icefall-poetry. The range of reasons and motivations for climbing big mountains seems to span the entire range of human emotions and frailties. One reason why this sport is amazing to me. And making me feel lazy-got to go do some climbing……


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