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More Social Science and Ancient History-a biography of Max Weber

I just picked up the English translation of Joachim Radkau’s Max Weber. A Biography. Patrick Camiller is the translator, and it is published by Polity Press, 2009. Looks like some good Summer reading here 🙂 Chapter 4 is on Weber’s work on antiquity, which was quite extensive, and his encounter with the great Theodor Mommsen. I like books that analyze the intellectual milieu of a scholar, and this looks like a very good one for Max Weber, who afterall, is a scholar that every ancient historian must encounter at some level.

From the Press blurb:

“When Joachim Radkau’s biography appeared in Germany in 2005 it caused a sensation. Based on an abundance of previously unknown sources and richly embedded in the German history of the time, this is the first fully comprehensive biography of Max Weber ever to appear. Radkau brings out, in a way that no one has ever done before, the intimate interrelations between Weber’s thought and his life experience. He presents detailed revelations about the great enigmas of Weber’s life: his suffering and erotic experiences, his fears and his desires, his creative power and his methods of work as well as his religious experience and his relation to nature and to death.”

97807456 4147 8


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