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Exciting new multi-year international project on political power and bureaucracy

Scholars in Vienna are creating a multi-year international, cooperative project on political power and ancient bureaucracy focused on Papyrology and later periods of ancient Egyptian history (i..e post-Ptolemaic). It’s called the Comparative Studies in Ancient Bureaucracy and Officialdom project and is part of the Austrian National Research Network (NRN).

Sub-projects and their directors are:

Coordination Project (M. Jursa)
01…Royal Institutional Households in 1st Millennium BC Mesopotamia (H. Baker)
02…Official Epistolography in Babylonia in the 1st Millennium BC (M. Jursa)
03…The Framework of Imperial Power in Late Antique Egypt (284-641 AD) (B. Palme)
04…Official Epistolography in Islamic Egypt (642-969 AD) (S. Proházka)
05…The Interaction of Roman Rule with Traditional Hellenistic Institutions in Asia Minor (H. Taeuber)
06…Police Authorities in Late Antique Egypt (S. Tost)

You can read more about it on their website, which is just being filled up now. Looks like  a really interesting project.  The home of the project, Vienna, is not too far from some mountains. Mmmmmm. More about the project as it develops.


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