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Nefertiti’s bust ….the saga

Well, it had to happen. We’ve heard now from Mr. Zahi Hawass and his view of Stierlin’s opinion that the Nefertiti bust is a fake. It’s reported  in Saturday May 9th’s  al-Arabiya. It’s now connoisseurship vs emotions and long-held views. Who will win? One thing is for sure; the Germans will not put our heroine on display in the rebuilt NeuesMuseum if it is accepted that the bust is a 19th century production. Or will they? This is certainly great publicity. The story, in part at least one suspects, is about ownership over one of the most famous objects of art from antiquity. This will be burning up the newsprint (there are still newspapers, aren’t there?) the entire Summer, I guess.


Dr. Zahi Hawass


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2 thoughts on “Nefertiti’s bust ….the saga

  1. Say Joe, can you remember any back story on why the OI used the Nefertiti bust on the “famous” poster (which I use on the left side of this : )? It seems to me I once knew.

  2. Joe Manning on said:

    Hi Chuck!

    I dont know any story off the top of my head, but Breasted, being trained in Berlin, and obtaining a nice copy of the bust, may be behind it. Anything in Pioneer to the past??

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