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Boonen busted for coke (!)

And speaking of depressing, as I have my current issue of Velonews on my desk, and looking at the cover, with Tom Boonen hammering at Paris-Roubaix, I am processing the news that Tom Boonen, the great Belgian cycling star, has again (!) tested positive for cocaine. You can read the depressing news here in the velonews article. After winning Paris-Roubaix stylishly and for a third time, in off the front in true Merckx style, comes this stupidity? The man has nothing left to race for, or what? Your humble blogger is usually not so expressive of his views, I hate to judge people, and am usually a staunch supporter of cycling. But this news outrages me. What’s dumber? Doping for performance, or testing positive for putting cocaine in your bloodstream as a professional athlete?? Looks like his career might have come to an end with this……he’ll certainly be out of the Tour de France in July. Ive seen Tom up close, have been in his wheel on a training ride, which was a real privilege, and have watched him race. Dumb dumb dumb….sad. Too many Belgian stars end up badly. Perhaps it’s all a bad dream and I’ll wake up. Say it ain’t so Tom.

Velonews June 2009

Velonews June 2009


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