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Summit day on Everest near

Looks like the weather is set to clear, i.e. the winds will die down enough, for most teams on the south side to go for the summit on or around May 12 according to Alan Arnette’s great reporting. Meanwhile, on the North side, the teams are a bit further behind it seems. Those on the north are behind for good reasons since there was the real possibility that no one would be allowed to climb form the North (i.e. Tibet) side this year. That’s why, for example, Russel Brice’s HIMEX team went over to the south side this year. Anyway, one update, from Adventure Peaks, provides the following:
“After a good rest at Base Camp the team are returning up the 22km of moraine to ABC. Despite a few snow flurries this afternoon the plan is to move up to spend a couple of nights at the North Col and climb to 7500m to complete the acclimatisation phase. Meanwhile the Sherpas have pushed the fixed line out to 8300m and could potentially complete the route to the summit in the next couple of days.


PHOTO: Brad Clement / Spindrift Films


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