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Tour of California moves to May for 2010!

The long expected move from February to May for the Tour of California has just been approved by the UCI. Beginning in 2011, it has  also been granted Pro Tour status. This is enormous news for a couple of reasons. 1) the race organizers at AEG have said if they were not granted the move, they would very likely not be in business next year. 2) This means that the TOC will go head-to-head with the Giro d’Italia. Very big indeed. The move to May means that the Sierras are in play (you see my connections between cycling and mountaineering 🙂 ) which are awesome to race in (if you weight less than 150 pounds 🙂 ). The TOC organizers believe that they are now positioned to attract all of the big pro peloton teams with ambitions to also race in the Tour de France in July. This is major news for American professional cycling. Having been part of the organization in 2008, I know that the TOC is a very well run race, well supported by fans and the pros, good scenery, good food and so on. Here I am yucking it up in Woodside, CA along with my buddy Frank Scioscia, in Webcor kit, with the great American pro Chris Horner riding for Astana, on the phone, the day before the Palto Alto-Stanford prologue of the 2008 race.


More on the Tour of California move over on Velonews.


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