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A great Tour of Flanders

The best race of the Euro Cycling season took place last Sunday in Belgium, the Ronde van Vlaanderen. And what a great race it was too. I donno, is Boonen past it? ūüôā I rode with the Quickstep team at last year’s tour of California-now that was a great adventure. The guys were great, as my buddy and I hung in the back not to disturb them as we rode out to the coast from the top of the famous top of Old La Honda. I got the real measure of Tom as they climbed up a 4 or 5% grade on Highway, which left me in their dust. I was maxed out, the they were on the cell phones chatting away. Incredible power effortlessly.¬† Anyway, Tom looked like he was stomping really hard up the climbs, looking like he was wasting a lot of energy for no good reason.

The race up the Muur at Geraardsbergen, narrated in Flemish as God intended


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