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The brutal and sad death of Federico Campanini on Aconcagua

This event in January has caused a real furor in Argentina, rightly so I think. For the video of the rescue attempt, and more information is given over on the Adventurist. aconcagua

Warning, it is really, really grim. It’s easy to arm chair quarterback the events from the comforts of my study in Connecticut. Having said that though, I have a gut reaction to it all, and some questions. What the hell were these guys doing videotaping the attempted rescue would be my first one. Was this for legal protection?? Anyway, I won’t myself post the video. And to be unprepared for a rescue (from the reports, the rescuers were not prepared to find him alive), with no medications (?), or equipment to carry him down, or at least keep him warm, seems appalling to me. Let alone the verbal abuse expressed by some of the rescuers. Maybe that was just to get him going? But the man was suffering from his fall no doubt, and HAPE. I donno. My heart goes out to his family. Donations on behalf of his family, and a guestbook to express thought sif you knew him, can be made HERE.


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