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Russian Academy of Sciences plans Fall conference on the state of Egyptology

Plans for a conference “Achievements and problems of modern Egyptology” has just crossed my desk this morning. It will take place from 29 September- 4 October 2009, at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow and will coincide with an exhibition “The royal cache. Secrets of the Pharoahs”  that will highlight Russian work on Theban Tomb 320. The following subjects will be covered:

  • origins and development of Ancient Egyptian state
  • policy and trade relations between Ancient Egypt and Middle Eastern Mediterranean countries
  • landscape archaeology, natural and anthropogenic factors in the development of the Nile valley
  • urban archaeology and peculiarities of Egyptian settlement sites
  • dynamics of development and transformation of Egyptian culture
  • cross-cultural relations in Egypt during Graeco-Roman period
  • new methods and technologies in archaeological research
  • history and culture of Coptic Egypt

More infomation can be viewed here


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