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Ed Viesturs

From ancient law, I move on briefly to an amazing American, a genuine hero. I have never met him (one of my dreams one day to) although we are nearly identical in age, and grew up in the same part of northern Illinois. Ed Viesturs. I am reading his autobiography now, No Shortcuts to the Top. Climbing the World’s Highest 14 Peaks. Broadway Books, 2006. What an amazing story, to climb all 14 “8000 ers” without supplemental oxygen. Old School stuff, man and mountain, as it should be. Even if you are not into mountaineering, this is a fantastic read. The class of this guy comes through, and it is quite an adventure story. Patience in an impatient world. Craft, in a world of short cuts.

Have a look at the book on Amazon, then get it, or go to the public library, and read it! (I make no money here, it is just a great read)


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